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schedule pickup DHL


If I create a shipment today, and try to schedule a pickup tomorrow, I can't, because when I select tomorrow's pickup date, today's shipment doesn't appear. If I wait until midnight, I can see the shipment, but when I select the same date for pickup, it says that I have to schedule the pickup for the next day.


Hey there @Impsr49, 


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When it comes to scheduling those pick ups, the Ship Date on the label has to match the Pickup Date. You'll find those details and more in this Knowledge Base article regarding Pickups! If you want an order to go out the next day, change that ship date on that shipment prior to making the label. Alternatively, you can change that pickup date to reflect the ship date of the orders you are wanting to schedule to be sent out. 


Also, if any other community members have direct experience with scheduling DHL pickups, I encourage them to share their process below!


I hope this helps! 

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