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Status: Resolved

Are Advanced Hotkeys working in the new layout for anyone? This post from March of 2021 says they're added, but I've been unable to get them working and support seems clueless. There's a hotkey menu in the new layout which implies they're working. The help center article on "Other Barcode Uses" has a notice saying that the scan action report is only available in the legacy layout, but doesn't clearly say the barcode actions (which are just hotkeys mapped to a barcode) don't work in the new layout.


The basic hotkeys, including Shipping Presets work fine, but the advanced hotkeys (and I'm specifically looking for "Read weight form scale" (w), "Get Rate" (r), and "Create label" (s)) all appear broken.

Occasional Contributor

It looks like our scale issue falls in line with the V3 changes. We started to see the problem in Mid-June and we never had them prior. At times it's production stopping because it delays the shipping process and users have to go out and back in. During high-volume days post sale weekends it's a nightmare.