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  • Advanced Hotkeys: Hotkey fans, or anyone who just hates using a mouse, will be pleased to know Advanced Hotkeys are now available in ShipStation’s new layout! Also, we’ve added two new hotkeys: Mark as Shipped (M+S) and Mark as Shipped Bulk (M+B). To view all hotkeys available in ShipStation, go to the help menu and click Hotkeys.


  • Shopify store settings: Our Shopify integration has a few features that extend its functionality, but you used to have to contact support and request them to enable or disable them. No longer! You can now enable and disable the following additional Shopify features on your own:
    • Custom field mapping: map customer or order tags, fraud alerts, and more into ShipStation’s Custom Fields. The Shopify Order Notes attribute is now also an available field to import.
    • Map “partially_paid” to Awaiting Payment: partially paid orders will import into ShipStation’s Awaiting Payment status.
    • Import closed orders: closed orders from Shopify will import into ShipStation’s Shipped status.
    • Shopify discount codes in notes: discount codes used on Shopify orders will import as a note into ShipStation
  • Import eBay Order Numbers: Maybe one of most anticipated updates, you can now import eBay orders numbers in ShipStation instead of the Sales Order number. For ShipStation accounts started after March 3rd, 2021, this is the default when you connect an eBay store.
    • If you have a ShipStation account that was opened prior to March 3rd, 2021, you will soon have the ability to connect your eBay account using the new integration. Connecting to the new integration will require a migration process that results in a new store connection. We are working on a migration guide to help walk you through the process. Stay tuned!
  • Magento: The long-awaited ShipStation-Magento v.2.2.3 plug-in is finally available on the Magento Marketplace! This plug-in provides support for Magento 2.4. Additionally, you can now:
    • Export orders from Magento to ShipStation in different currencies.
    • Export the warehouse name if the order was connected to a specific Magento warehouse.
  • Label Messages: For all our UPS users in the UK and Canada, you used to only be able to use label messages on international labels (crazy, we know). But you can now include label messages on domestic UPS labels!
  • FedEx services in the Rate Calculator: For all our rate shoppers (which is everyone, right?) ShipStation now returns rates in the rate calculator for both FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground.


Bug Fixes


  • Magento Integration:  
    • Fixed: ShipStation will now successfully send shipment notifications to Magento even if a SKU includes a special character. These unexpected special characters had been causing notifications to fail for some of our users.
    • Fixed: Multi-store connections will now import orders from their correct stores. Previously, both stores were importing orders from one store and none from the other stores.
  • Fixed Firefox browsers missing Mark as Shipped button: Some of our Firefox users were unable to mark orders as shipped because the button did not display in the Mark as Shipped pop-up.
  • Fixed Shipments Advanced Search: Our users were unable to select a Carrier in their advanced search because the Carriers drop-down in the Shipments Grid Advanced Search contained no entries.