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Adding my voice here just so there's YET ANOTHER post:


Due to the nature of our workflow/customer needs, we need to manually touch each order in Shipstation before printing the label. My time per label has doubled. DOUBLED. Because of laggy pop-ups and slow field response. That's not including when the entire site locks up on Chrome (with Cache flushed, rebooted, everything) and requires a force quit of the tab and a new login. I needed to print only 10 labels today. That's a miniscule day for us. The site locked up 4 times. 4 times!! How is that acceptable? There is NOT ONE SINGLE THING in the forced v3 upgrade that makes this more usable for our business. Nothing. 

Also, reading through the forums it's clear I'm not alone, and it's also clear that there is no clear communication back to the user base about fixing these many, many, many issues - whether that's timeline, things that are not intended to get fixed, or ways to work around the many flaws in v3.



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From ShipStations main page click give feedback in the top right beside the update store button. In the dropdown beside "I want to" and pick turn off the new layout. You have to type something to submit but it will get you the old layout back. 


I've done this several times, we import our kickstarter shipments directly to ShipStation so I find that they are easier to sort and batch with the new layout but I won't use it for individual order processing. 

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Our option to go back to V2 has disappeared now.


Mine has also disappeared


It's been a week since Shipstation forced this terrible update on us Shipstation support can't even acknowledge user complaints!! If you forced this upon users, have some decency to reply to feedback and not leave your customers picking up the pieces to this disastrous new update. We have businesses to operate!


Give us the ability to revert back to V2 until you figure out this mess! Version 3 is terrible, just as everyone else has said. Shipping now takes 110% longer than it did before. That's more than twice the time! With current labor costs, Shipstation is no longer worth using.


The worst part is that nobody at Shipstation cares! There are huge problems, everyone sees it, but nobody cares enough to do anything.


We need to start deflecting people! We need to find a better shipping platform. What other shipping platforms do others recommend that are NOT Shipstation?

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I tested switching back and forth right before I posted yesterday. I did not know that they started forcing the new layout. I was only here on the forums to try to find a solution to a store connection problem. 

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No there is no going back any more if you switch.   Don't do it.  You will regret it.

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