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I can't believe how nonchalant Shipstation is being about the awful rollout of V3. Everything that worked so well about Shipstation has been dismantled with V3. It's truly astounding how bad V3 is when V2 was so great.


And your customers are prepping for their busy season!! We can't sit back and HOPE that you figure this out. We're having to explore other shipping platforms because Shipstation V3 is buggy, slow, clunky, cumbersome, and inefficient. We can't enter our busy season with shipping in V3 taking over twice as long as it did in V2.


And where's the leadership at Shipstation? Customers are asking for answers and all you do is give your front line, the support team, a canned response that you can't revert back to V2 and that you "welcome feedback about the new layout on our Community page." At the moment, this forum looks like a black hole where you submit your "feedback" and then nothing happens. 


We want answers, we want information, we want clarity, and we want to focus on running our businesses!!


Tell us what's going on, tell us what you're working on fixing, and give us a timeline for the fixes.


Again, we can't sit back and HOPE that you figure this out. Customers will need to start jumping ship so they're prepared for their busy season.

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As far as our company is concerned, Shipstation has until the end of this week to either provide a solution to this BS or give a proper substantial response that is transparent, thorough, and has an actual path to resolution. If neither of those happen, we will switch over to one of the direct competitors. 


Most of their direct competitors are owned by the same parent company ( so it may or may not make a difference to them, to be honest.  Just letting you know.


We've been begging for real communication for weeks. It seems as though most of their effort at the moment is going to switching over everyone to V3 and then they intend to actually fix the problems. Which seems a bit backwards to me. We were told in the recent blog post that 'A task force will be reviewing all posts and comments from [the New Layout Feedback section] on a weekly basis to prioritize fixes where possible and address provided feedback internally.'


'We have heard your calls for more transparency and communication. Going forward, we plan to be as communicative and transparent as possible with you about this new layout and the work being done to address your blockers. '


'We will also publish content to show you what is currently happening, what might be blocked, and what is planned where possible. '

Which is nice to hear but they've burnt so much of our goodwill already that I don't particularly trust that these aren't empty platitudes. As with service15 above, it bought them another week from my company but we too intend on switching if there is no communication soon.


From browsing wiki, owns Shipstation, ShippingEasy, Shipworks, and Endica. Other service like Pirateship, Shippo, or Ordoro are not owned by and we will be switching to one of those.


We have signed up for trials with two shipping competitors, NONE of which are owned by 


Switching away from Shipstation seems to be the only solution for Shipstation customers. Our busy season begins in September so we're dropping Shipstation by the end of July.

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I can't believe what has happenned to this once great company.   The new version is so slow it reminds me of back in the days before the internet using my PC via 2400 baud modem.   It's crazy.   You type stuff in the label screen and it shows up 10-15 seconds later.   There is no way I can deal with this when the holiday rush comes.  I will be pulling my hair out waiting for the screen to update.   I will have to jump ship after being a satisfied customer for 8 years.


Thank you for this!  I thought I was the only one having issues....we too will be looking at other options.  

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All of our staff in our company is using V2
The reason? missing tons of features in V3.
Shipstation needed to improve V2 with better performance, design, and features.
Instead, they decided to put efforts into an all-new version. not sure who made that decision but it seems that once they already made the new version they will not go back, too bad.


I just wanted to revive this post because I'm back in the community forums because, you guessed it, Shipstation sucks. Support continues to be non-existent. Issues continue to be rampant and, frustratingly, the number of problems and errors only continues to increase.