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Since Shipstation forced an update on users with no warning or, it seems, non-existent/inadequate beta testing, Shipstation support is not even entertaining questions and directing users to tell Shipstation what's wrong with the update through their support forums 👏👏


First, it's complete BS that paid users have become beta testers. 


Second, the support team referring users to the community forum instead of providing actionable support is BS.


Third, the label rate while shipping is TINY. Why is one of the most important details before creating a label so minuscule and insignificant??


Fourth, there are far too many mouse clicks for the most basic thing, searching and shipping! Before, you could search for a SKU and it would search only for orders AWAITING SHIPMENT. You then quickly selected your order and proceeded to create the label. Now, your search returns everything, including irrelevant orders from as far back as 5 years ago! Want to see only your orders awaiting shipment, you have to actively click to only see orders awaiting shipment. For a shipping program in which shipping is the most-used function, why the hell are you making users click around so much? It takes more mouse clicks than ever to search and ship, eliminating any efficiency in the fulfillment process. It's very dumbfounding that this is even a problem that wasn't realized before you made paid users beta testers.


Efficiency is being further, when you make that new, extra mouse click with every product search to select AWAITING SHIPMENT, it refreshes a second after clicking AWAITING SHIPMENT and brings back all the 5+ years of history for that product and requiring yet another mouse click to select AWAITING SHIPMENT again. 


Give users the ability to revert to the last version until these problems are fixed. Don't drag our businesses through this headache and release it when it's ready!


Before this post is removed by SS I would like to say that is there is no way to revert back to the old version we are also gone!   You've tried to make us switch for 4 years now, and every time you force switch us we've tried it out for a day and absolutely can't stand the new layout.  It's not just visual its the reduced functionality and the extra clicks like VCV already stated.   Extra clicks to do many different things.  The community hates the new version, it's inefficient, full of bugs, and every single change I notice has taken a good thing and made it worse WAY worse.  Now you have removed our ability to revert back to the old version? The give feedback is gone.   There is absolutely no way that you've received any good feedback on this new version yet you thought it would be a good idea to force everyone to switch?  You fixed nothing in the new version that's awful or buggy.    We are 100% leaving ShipSttion if we can not revert back to the old version by Friday.  Id say please just fix all the issues but you've had 4-5 years to do that so I know that's not even an option.  We still cant even do the simplest most obvious things, like search for a customer by phone number, something everyone actually wants and keeps asking for yet nothing, zip, zero, zilch.  I could list everything wrong with the new layout but it's looking more and more like the layout isn't the real problem. The problem is you're customers have voiced their concerns and your answer was not to fix it or add functionality to your existing platform with search by phone number, choose the cheapest carrier rate, alert when a package is lost or delayed....but to double down on this bad V3 layout??? Seriously! 


We reported a critical problem with filters in april during testing, then we got forced over and reported the same problem early in May. Today, SEVEN weeks later someone marked the ticket solved - took 30 seconds to make a filter proving it was not solved. 


Our problem that is over 2 months old remains unfixed.


Just to note if this had happened during peak season - it would have destroyed a business that took 10+ years to build and shipstation could not care less. And for that reason, our new shipping platform is almost ready to go live.

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I could live with the extra clicks and everything else.  The killer is its laggy as in slow response.   It takes 5 times longer to get a screen to update.   It's like the app is communicating with a server on Mars.


@vcv we were just forced to switch over today, and your fourth issue you bring up is the biggest one we have found so far. The new search function is borderline unusable. 


As for your first reply regarding the order history popping up a couple seconds later, the support person I spoke with today was unable to recreate this issue on her end. So I did a screen recording of it happening to me and sent it over. 


God I hope the fix the search funtionality quickly...


Any Canadian users here that found a suitable replacement? Asking for a friend...

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Definitely curious if anyone finds a better replacement, I can't even contact ShipStation support because their pop-up window in the bottom corner doesn't pop up under any browser. Getting sick of all of the constant issues and errors that have been ongoing for two years.

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The only solution they have come up with for the support chat green widget not populating is: clear your cache, try incognito, try a different browser... I can't keep doing this every time I need to contact support. Back with V2 when I only reached out once every couple of months would be fine, but now I'm having to reach out several times a week.

Status changed to: Investigating

I think this post highlights the biggest issue of them all.   The fact that THEY don't use the platform, and it shows.


It's a developer or a service tech using the software it's not shipping software built by shippers, actual shippers who ship stuff.   It should be mandatory training to be made to ship using the platform  during the initial training AND on a continuing basis.    I'd bet $1000 that when a SS employee needs to ship something, they go to fedex office