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My list of grievances is below.  I have been unable to communicate with anyone at shipstation and am getting no responses.  I check almost hourly to see if any of these issues have resolved themselves and they haven't. 

1. Original Ticket: 
In the old shipstation when we would combine orders it will still make the surviving order number clickable so that we could open the order to view the details from the order page.  This is no longer possible with the new layout.  Where the clickable order link was it just says “multiple orders” with no link to click open the order.  Is this a bug?  Is it something that can be fixed?  Please advise if there is some convoluted way that we now need to open orders.  Currently we’re having to back out, go to all open orders, select an order nearby and use the arrow keys to work our way towards the combined order in question.  I’m sure you can understand this is not convenient or efficient. (See original support ticket/email thread for screenshots regarding this.)
I’d like to get these situations resolved and request a credit to my account for the current month.  I’ve spent well over that amount in my time and my employees’ time trying to navigate this mess.  This is unacceptable and the lack of response is disgraceful.
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My guess is they are losing employees over this.    I wouldn't want to have to listen to irate customers all day either.   


Hello @orangeumbrella  and community, 


This Idea has been recently edited to spilt the separate concerns being raised by the original poster so they can all be addressed individually. 


You can find the other points @orangeumbrella has raised in the following Ideas: 


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Status changed to: Investigating



I just wanted to share this potential solution! In ShipStation you can expand the order rows to see which orders have been combined. 


This Knowledge Base article has shows an example of using this method


I hope this helps 🙂