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Why is it so much worse now? Every attempt to split a shipment freezes ShipStation and then ships the full shipment. After voiding the label, V3 finally splits the order. Then I have to close the order and re-open it just to see the remaining items to ship.


Is this just happening to me or are others having this issue?


Any suggestions on how to get it to work?


Hello, we have had a couple bumps with the new layout that the old layout had features where we could override a shipment when an order is restored and the other feature needed in the new layout would be to be able to edit orders the our shipstation and it not being only a manual order.

Hey there @maciecold


Thanks for posting this for all of us here in the community!


Could you clarify what you mean by "override a shipment when an order is restored". We have recently released the Restore button into the new layout (and are making some improvements to it as well).


I just want to make sure that the community and myself fully understand what you are wanting to accomplish there! One of our other daily users may have a workflow that can help accomplish your goal! 


Thanks in advance! 

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When I split a shipment in V3 it does not give me the option to assign a new name to the new shipment, it only uses the original order number.  The problem is that our warehouse requires a unique order number when pulling in orders.  Using V2 I could simply name the split order -1 and the warehouse could pull in the original and the -1 order.  I seem to have no way to do this in V3.  Please help as this will be a major headache if I can't assign a new name to a split order.


Well, you beat me to the punch! I just did my first split shipment in V3 tonight and what a mess. Firstly, even though I created 4 shipments/labels, it only printed 1, and acted as though that was the only label to create. Voided it, created it again in the same manner, and then it printed all 4 labels. But, there was absolutely no way to assign a new name to each shipment. This is how we have always indicated the box contents. Now, if a customer asks what was in a particular box, I can't even being to tell them unless I make separate notes. I am hoping that I just missed where this can be done, but I'm not holding my breath. V3 just keeps getting better and better... 🙄


I batch print orders in counts of 14. How do I print the awaiting shipment invoice without the on-hold invoice? At the moment On Hold as well as Awaiting Shipment invoices print, this is so confusing for my pickers as well as anyone assigned to printing orders. On Hold invoices are products out of stock and do not need to be printed unless they move to Awaiting Shipment, and this will only happen when the product is replenished. Am I missing something? 

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I asked for this 2 years ago and still not available, Now we are being forced to upgrade. This lack of functionality completely kills my Quickbooks integrations. I currently have a ticket open with no response for a week. Not happy right now.


yes the split shipment feature is very bizarre!

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This is what I sent to chat: SPLIT ORDER function is not good. In the past, when you split an order for order number 1000 for example, the default new order number would be 1000-1. Or I can customize it to a completely new name. Now when you split the order, it assigns it the exact same order number with no way to customize the new order number. This is VERY confusing.


I hope they get this fixed!

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Thank Goodness others have this issue.  But I'm losing faith that ShipStation cares or realizes how bad this is. Even if they left V3 to default splits to the same order number, at least have a field like in V2 that allows users to change it to -1, -2, .... like we can now.  ShipStation, why would you remove functionality and force duplicate order numbers that will break so many other systems?  Please, please ShipStation, pay attention to the seriousness of this thread and allow V3 users to overwrite the split order number to a different order number (e.g., 1234, 1234-1, 1234-2, .... ) instead of forcing all split order numbers to be the same.  


I've brought this up in feedback, the forum, user group events, and now here again.  V2 apparently goes away next year and if they don't change this we will have to stop using ShipStation.  

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V2 was already taken away in the US. This change is killing us!