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I think it's ridiculous that once you have changed to the new layout there is no going back. When you change you have no idea what is going to change until you start using the features of the new layout. Well, the new layout leaves much to be desired. The 1 big thing my company uses is NOT on the new layout. 

We used to be able to load the shipment, weigh it and the USPS cost would appear then just below that, if the UPS ground cost was less than the USPS cost a gray bar would appear letting you know that there was a price difference and allow you to choose which option you would like to use. (my company only uses USPS and UPS as shipping options)

This feature is NOT in the new layout. There are price comparisons that can be checked but you must click on each one in the drop-down menu to view the price difference. It is no longer an automatically seen comparison. Extra clicks take extra time and extra evaluation of the best way to ship the package. Lost time means lost money! I don't care what business you are in or what you are shipping. More time means less money being made. We are a small company and our busiest shipping time of year is August through January. We have very few employees so shipping efficiently and quickly are both VERY important. The easier it is to ship the sooner it gets done and the more time there is to accomplish other tasks that need to be done for our customers. 

Old layout with comparison available for viewingOld layout with comparison available for viewingNew Layout without comparison and need to click through carriersNew Layout without comparison and need to click through carriersOption to view in old layout but no option to revert back to the old layout completelyOption to view in old layout but no option to revert back to the old layout completely

From these images you can see in the red boxes what we had in the old layout and what is missing in the new layout.

You can also see that we can view the order in the old layout but can't revert back to the old layout which makes no sense at all. 

Please fix this ASAP before my carpal tunnel returns from all the extra clicking.

Thanks for considering!


Is there a way we can opt-out before this feature is rolled out?


We have repeatedly complained that the New Layout does not allow us to use our hot keys.  It has also removed a majority of our presets.  Along with Ship Connect dropping off at night so that it will not allow remote printing.


I am not sure why it is taking so long to work on these important missing pieces.  Also the new customer support bot is a joke as it never connects you with a live person!!