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The New Layout is terrible, and since we are being forced to use it, we really want to bail and use another app. We have used ShipStation for three years now, and have done 50,000 orders--why make us use something as bad as this. We ship alcohol, so there is ZERO chance of you making any more money off of us. Raise the price on your old, good product. Come on, fire these meathead marketing people and you won't even need to alienate your customers to raise more revenue!

Occasional Contributor

Try shippingeasy - I just set it up for 1 store and its pretty simple, and 10x quicker.  I dont know if it has all the advanced stuff ShipStation had if you have a complicated setup, but if you want to just print labels fast and not fight the interface for hours on end - its pretty nice so far for us

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I also am not happy with the ability to dispute APC stuff. USPS rarely takes care of it, and interface to find out when they change the postage is pure ....    


My favorite new feature is when i print labels from 6 different locations, it only prints 1 of the locations and i have to click on each of the locations, to see if it says "printed already" while back it would create labels and not print them, and looking back at history, at least their system shows if printed or not, and many were never printed . We need the ability to go back. Forcing us to use this slow new interface is dumb from a business perspective. it doesn't cost them anything, but to figure "we're right"  if there were an easier option to integrate 25 ebay stores and amazon etc.. i would 


Just FYI, shippingeasy, shipworks, endicia, and shipstation are all owned by the same parent company..