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Status: Investigating

With V3, if you are lucky enough to get the split shipment to work, it will no longer show the product values and overall values of the shipments that have been split. This makes it impossible to select the correct amount of insurance for that portion of the split shipment on the fly. I have to go back into BigCommerce, pull up the order, calculate the total value of the split items, then go back to Shipstation and enter those values for insurance coverage limits. Not only is this frustrating, but it is also unintuitive, and time consuming. It already takes 3x as long to generate a label in this new and improved V3... then add this to the mix... 

And for goodness sakes, hire enough support staff to man your online support portal. 

Frequent Contributor

I've contacted support numerous times over this exact issue. No resolutions as of yet.

Status changed to: Investigating