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EDIT: This was originally posted in the Discussions section. I guess they had enough time to move it here but not enough to bother actually responding. Typical. 


@Manager-Erin @Moderator-Davis Since the 'New Layout Feedback' section seems to be a ghetto to hide all the complaints while never responding to any of them, I'm posting this here. When can we expect the 'transparency and communication' that was promised in the New Layout Feedback Announcement?


We have heard your calls for more transparency and communication. Going forward, we plan to be as communicative and transparent as possible with you about this new layout and the work being done to address your blockers. 


To aid in this effort we have created a brand new feedback section of the community specifically to address migration issues and concerns. All feedback and suggestions about the new layout will be migrating over to this section within the coming week so we have everything all in one space. A task force will be reviewing all posts and comments from this section on a weekly basis to prioritize fixes where possible and address provided feedback internally.  We will also publish content to show you what is currently happening, what might be blocked, and what is planned where possible. 

It has been over a month with literally zero communication about any of the many issues which have been raised. You have many irate customers who were willing to give you the benefit of the doubt but are losing patience. Many of the issues reported there were raised over a year ago and are significant and sap efficiency by a million small cuts. A short list:


  • Shipstation Connect forgets printing settings every time the browser is closed
  • The extreme slowness--literally 30-45 seconds just to process and print a single label and a 1-2 second hang every time a single digit is entered.
  • The 'create new shipment' button remains a headache and does not replicate the old 'restore order' feature. In order to get the same results, you have to manually create a new order and copy over the information by hand.
  • Search automatically returns all orders matching the search by default with no way to filter them ahead of time as in Legacy. You have to click the 'awaiting shipment' tab every time in order to filter out years-old shipped orders cluttering the screen.
  • Customs declarations remain extremely slow to fill and the vertical arrangement requires excessive scrolling (which often causes shipstation to freeze for multiple seconds).
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I just don't want to relink all my stores or i'd be out already.



Hello everyone, 


Thank you all for your feedback and for being a part of our community. 


We are continuing to work on making improvements to our community, you can expect to see these changes in the coming months as an effort to deliver more transparency. Please be aware, lasting changes with impact isn’t something that happens over night. We urge you to remember that all posts and comments are subject to not only the community guidelines and code of conduct, but also the rules clearly stated on the New Layout Feedback. 


We understand the impact these changes have made to your workflows, and while we encourage feedback, this community is not and will not be the place to be disrespectful to ShipStation, its employees, or other community members. 


Due to overwhelming comments that violate the community guidelines, this thread will be closed. If you have specific concerns that need to be addressed, we encourage you to create a new post in the New Layout Feedback section, linked below. We’ve also included other helpful resources below for anyone who might need them. 


Review section Rules here 

Post a New Layout Feedback Idea here 

Community Guidelines

Code of Conduct 


We thank you all for your patience as we continue to strive towards a better community experience for all and look forward to hearing from you and working together to get ship done!

-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager