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Edit Shopify Order


Hi I am on a trial with ShipStation I have resolved most of my questions with support, but I have the following two questions which I can not seem to find a solution.  

1.  I edit an Order in Shopify (for example a customer ordered a Size XS, instead of S, so I edit order by adding the S and removing the XS).  I then save the update in Shopify and Refresh shipstation.  Issue is now it is showing both products, thus QTY, cost and weight all now double and postage gone up.  Why does Shipstation not refresh the data, or is this not a functionality?  Thank you


2. Login from Shopify, I get prompted to link shop but each time I do this it duplicates my Shopify Shop and double my orders.  Am I correct to say you should never login through Shopify but only from the App Shipstation itself?

Any feedback from anyone appreciated! Thanks


3.  Some pages show USD, but we are in the UK.  I trust no customer can see this?  This is common with US Apps if used in the UK but basic. Any way to change this as yet?



1. ShipStation recently updated the Shopify integration to allow for "line item adjustments" - basically, when an order is edited at the item level in Shopify, when you refresh the store ShipStation can now import those adjustments and alert you when that occurs. If you are not seeing that occur currently in ShipStation, please contact support to ensure this has been enabled on your Shopify integration.


2. Once you connect your ShipStation and Shopify accounts, you don't need to connect them again. If you click to link the shop, it will create a new connection which will import your orders on that new connection as well. So there is no need to do that. If you need to create labels for your Shopify orders, you should log into ShipStation directly - there is not an option to log into the ShipStation app from Shopify.


3. If your ShipStation account is based in the UK, the default currency designation should be £. But, a few store integrations (including Shopify) do support multiple currencies, so if you have Shopify stores that are set to USD, then those orders will import with USD currency designation in ShipStation (at least if you are using the new layout and not the legacy layout). If you don't have Shopify stores that use USD and you are seeing USD in ShipStation, please contact ShipStation support to look into that further.


I hope this was helpful!

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx


I am having a similar issue as #1. When an order is modified in Shopify, specifically when and item is "removed" (customer wants different colour etc...) from a Shopify order it does not change the quantity to 0 in ShipStation. In one case it just noted the the "line item had been adjusted" but weight, cost, quantity was all as if the item was still there, in another case no change was seen on the ShipStation side the order looked exactly the same even though an item had been removed in Shopify, not even the "line item adjustment" note. If an item is removed in Shopify how is it supposed to update in Shipstation? How do I flag these modified orders to make sure they reflect the correct information? 



EDIT: On further investigation I realized what is happening is if an order in Shopify has an item removed and a new one put in its place(colour change etc..) the note "selling channel adjust..." appears. However when an item was just removed(customer doesn't want) from Shopify and no new item was put on the order, NO CHANGE happened in ShipStation the order looked the exact same as the original. In both cases the packing slip is printing like all the items are to be shipped, this can be very confusing when filling orders. Is there a way to make this better, a way to flag modified orders in ShipStation or a way to better update ShipStation?

Hello @ec007!


Thanks so much for your post and taking the time to participate in our community. We are very happy to have you!


From looking into the setup that you described above, I found that a backend store setting "Use Fulfillable Quantity" has not yet been enabled. This could absolutely be what is standing in the way of these updates thru Shopify that you mention. With your approval I can turn this on from my end.


You can click here to read about Shopify features from our Knowledge Base, and this feature specifically under the sub-heading "Support Enabled Additional Features for Shopify".


To answer your question directly, automations to apply a tag could not run automatically after the initial import to make this type of action after order adjustment. That type of tag would currently need to be applied manually. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Hello Davis!


Thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly. I did not know about this setting "Use fulfillable Quantity". If you could please go ahead and enable this setting that would be most excellent. I ended up just going ahead and creating tags that will flag orders that have been modified but like you said they have to be manually applied. I was only hoping to take the human out of that step and make it automatic, however, this does work well. Thank you again for your help.


And May the Force be with you!

Hi there!


Just wanted to confirm that the adjustment for "Use Fulfillable Quantity" has been made on your account! If after this adjustment, you continue to see this same behavior, it would be my recommendation to reach out directly to our Support team so that they can directly investigate further.


Have a splendid day! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Thank you! This is much appreciated, I will reach out to support if this doesn't change the issue.


Thanks again!!



Just a quick note to say that this (the "Use fulfillable quantity" setting) has in fact fixed our issue and our packing slips print out with the updated quantity which was what was really making everything confusing. 


Thank you for your help!

Occasional Contributor

How can I find out if the use fulfillable quantity is turned on for my ShipStation?  I have refunded cancelled items on Shopify orders and the changes are not reflected in orders that I have on hold in ShipStation.

Hey there @angelao


That setting is managed on the backend of the account. The best way to double check about that setting and/or enable it if needed, would be to reach out to our lovely Support Team for assistance 🙂 


They will be happy to help out with that adjustment! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Hi Moderator Davis, 2 things I need to ask regarding this if you could possibly help:

1) I think I need you to activate this"Use fulfillable quantity" setting on my account too. I have edited a Shopify order to remove an item, however I then added it back in (at quantity of 2). Now in Shipstation after updating, the order shows 2 separate line items for the same product. 1 line saying 0 quantity, and the other says 2. Again this is confusing for my fulfilment team who are based in a different location to me. Would activatin this setting solve it, like it did for @angelao above? If so, please can you activate it asap.


2.) I have just done a promotion that included Free items in Shopify. Due to how I set it up, I had to manually update each Shopify order to add the free line item in (at 100% discount). Now in Shipstation, each order is updated to include the free product, but they all say "No stock level established" ? When these items are ordered normally as pasrt of an unedited shopify order, they come in fine and have relevant stock levels shown in Shipstation, but these aren't, and the only different is I manually added them to the orders. I've had to change my inventory settinngs to make sure the team can still ship them out and print labels while having an unknown stock level, but I'd rather the problem be sorted out than work around it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Hey there @lee5


I do believe you'll want to turn on this feature with that in mind! I do not have the access to do so immediately, but if you reach out to our team at or via chat widget, our agent will be more than happy to enable this feature! 


I would want to get a more detailed look into how that product is importing specifically during the "free items" order versions. If, in addition to the above, bring this up to your support agent, i'm sure they will be happy to check into this! With that in mind, although it may not be ideal, i'm very glad to hear that you have an alternate workflow. 


The only idea that comes to my mind would be to have a totally separate SKU so that you could set each versions of the product to their own settings, but I certainly understand the gaps that could exist in this plan as well, which is why i'm suggesting a conversation with the support team directly 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Thank you very for the quick reply! I've contacted support as advised. Hopefully it can be solved. However something interesting to note I found out was that if an order was manually updated (an item added) in Shopify BEFORE the order was actually imported in Shipstation, the 'No Stock Level Established' problem didn't show, and the item was correctly linked to the product in Shipstation with accurate qty stock levels showing. The problem seem to happen if the order had already been imported to SS, and the Shopify order was manually edited AFTERwards.


Hopefully this can help contribute to solving the issue.


Thanks again!

Thats terrific clarification knowledge to have! Any and all details like this that help narrow down the investigation are worth it! 


Absolutely with you in hoping this can resolve the behavior you're mentioning here! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!