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Integration Problems

New Contributor

I have had shipstation for a half year now without any problems but all of a sudden i cant import any orders from woocommerce. Ive tried customer support several times with no response im at a loss. My woocommerce shows the orders have been exported to shipstation but i keep getting a <!DOCTYPE html> error. Currently im just typing all my orders through UPS site its really frustrating.!



Hey there @davy30


Welcome to the community! We are elated to have you join us in participation. 


I absolutely understand the frustration with getting your orders imported from your store properly. With that in mind, I inspected the account and have seen that orders have been flowing in again as intended. This is terrific news! 


I still wanted to follow up to ensure that you are no longer running into this behavior. Hoping all is well! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!