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Only some orders are coming in from my store, not all of them

New Contributor



The integration with my Squarespace store is only bringing in some of my orders, not all of them. What can I do to bring the rest into ShipStation so I can print labels and get the products out the door?


Thanks for your help, 





Hi Candace, 


Welcome to the community, we are so happy to have you here with us. This is a great question. 


Normally for import issues like this, if the steps provided in the article linked below don't work we recommend reaching out to support. They have tools that can help them dig in internally that other community members might not have access to.  which it looks like you have already done, so you are already in the right place to get assitance there. 


Troubleshoot Missing Orders 


That being said I did take a quick moment to look at your account and I can see this Squarespace store was set up recently and possibly after these orders came in. The reason we refer to support in this case is sometimes these backdated orders won't pull in with the new imports. Our team has a tool that helps simulate a refresh based on a day in the past to force these older orders to import. This most likely will address the problem and get those orders in to your ShipStation Dashboard, the key is just to keep communicating with your support agent via your ticket. 


Hopefully this helps out, 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager