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Ship shopify order via API


I am confused as to how to ship a Shopify order via the API.  What is the proper sequence of steps to:

  1. Ship the order (creating a label)
  2. Telling Shopify the order was fulfilled

Since my customer ships via Shipstation and it gets marked as fulfilled, I know ShipStation does it.  I just don't understand how to mimic those steps programmatically.  For instance, if we use "shipments/createlabel", there is no way to specify the order id.  If I use "orders/markedship", the "orderId" ShipStation needs is probably not the order id from the Shopify Store, but is probably the internal orderId ShipStation has.


Our plan was to do this:

  1. Get orders and products from Shopify via their webhooks.
  2. Since Shopify store has a link to ShipStation, it can communicate the orders to ShipStation (like our current customer does)
  3. Process orders in our system
  4. Ship via ShipStation.  I assumed this step would update Shopify, but I don't see how it can, thus my confusion.

So maybe our thinking is wrong.  We are not new to talking to other web services, but we are new to this type of integration.  Using the API is pretty easy, I was just wondering if anyone could give even a high-level best practices for offering integration to our Shopify (or any other) based customers.  Maybe a better way is:

  1. Get orders and products from Shopify via their webhooks
  2. Don't worry about ShipStation having the orders unless customers want the flexibility of shipping out of our system, directly in ShipStation.
  3. Process orders in our system
  4. Ship orders Via ShipStation using "orders/createlabel"
  5. Fulfill orders in Shopify using their API

Thanks for any advice you can provide.