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ShipStation More Integration Please!!!

Occasional Contributor

Finally, the TikTok shop integration is out, and I am excited to see how well it can work. However, can ShipStation develop more integration for different marketplaces, for example, Temu, Shein, Shopee, etc. I know the fact that these marketplaces are opening up the option to fulfill orders within the US, and the demand is going up quickly and very fast. 

I was looking at different fulfillment platforms because I have a huge amount of orders every month (at least15,000 orders per month); either they do not provide one or charge a huge monthly fee to use, so I guess if ShipStation has integration with these platforms, it can be a huge benefit to users, as well as the company (more volume and of course, profit).

Any thoughts?


Occasional Contributor

I would also like to see integration with instagram and facebook shops now that we have been forced to migrate to hosting the shops on their platform. I had orders there and no idea, I use Shipstation to get all my orders into one dashboard because ADHD and scattered af. Currently seriously considering moving to another shipping provider...again. Because shipstation seems to be behind the ball on integration...still.