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Status: Investigating
Ability to Mark as Shipped by custom carrier. It will give opportunity to use ShipStation in any country.
First-timer (legacy)
This will allow many options including, instore pick up, dedicated service, uber etc
First-timer (legacy)
Currently, there is only the "other" option when adding a carrier name to items that we dropship from a fulfillment center. Our fulfillment centers use a variety of LTL freight carriers. We need a better way to communicate the full carrier information to customers
New Contributor
This is the only issue for us on ShipStation. The majority of our business does not ship LTL, but enough of it does that this presents an issue for us. We use an LTL logistics company that uses many different LTL freight carriers. Checking "other" doesn't quite cut it for us. I don't think it's useful for a customer or selling platform to receive a tracking number without the carrier identified. The workaround is to upload tracking info directly to the selling platform, and then "mark as shipped- other" in ShipStation. And it's not useful to have the tracking number in ShipStation without the carrier identified next to it. We are currently putting carrier info into note section. Having the ability to include custom carrier info would make this system perfect for us. Thanks for considering.
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It would be great to have this as an option we sometimes have customers collect or use same day couriers.
need an empty field to put shipper URL when "other" is selected as a shipping carrier. This is a big flaw as customer service has no idea who the carrier is. We should be able to paste the URL of the "other" carrier.
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Option to add more shipping companis on the drop down when an order is "marked as shipped"
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I need the ability to select different carriers than on the provided list. I have checked the forums and there seems to be a long number of customers that are asking for this simple option. Shipstation should add a "custom" option that allows sellers to type in the shipping carrier they use and allow Shipstation to push that information out. I currently have to go in to Amazon manually and adjust the shipping information myself because there is no way to do it within Shipstation.
Status changed to: Investigating
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What's going on with this issue ? any update ?

Hey there @nbourdeau


No updates at this time, but I absolutely encourage any community members that this would be helpful for to show their support by kudo-ing this post! 🙂