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Even many of the support folks don't seem to know that ShipStation doesn't show all active shipping options in one's ecommerce shopping cart, but I have confirmed this with higher level support folks and, of course, it's obvious when viewing the shipping options available to customers in the shopping cart. Instead, ShipStation only shows the cheaper/faster shipping options of those that one has activated. For example, if UPS Ground is slower and more expensive than USPS Priority Mail, it will not show UPS Ground as an option in one's ecommerce shopping cart even though both are active shipping options. It seems that it would be very simple to have a checkbox in ShipStation settings that would force ShipStation to deliver ALL active shipping options to the ecommerce shopping cart for those that would prefer this (like me). I have requested this functionality several times over the past years. Does anyone know if ShipStation is ever going to deliver on this simple, common sense functionality?