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Hey there,

It would be nice if ShipStation added the feature to allow custom package weights. That way, when you choose your custom package, the additional weight will be added as well to account for the box and void filler weight. 


I understand that ShipStation automatically pulls the weights for all of the SKU's in the order, but what's the point if you still have to manually enter the additional weight to account for your box and void filler? You might as well go ahead and weigh the entire package before shipping at that point. Which is what we're having to do now...... Would be able to ship about 4x as many orders if this was a feature. 


Anyone else have a workaround?


I manually alter my product dimensions and weights within shipstation products tabs because Amazon imports inaccurate information. 


Personally, I made preset groups such as socks, belts, t-shirts, etc to help speed up updating dims and weights for several thousand SKUs. I know socks weigh 4 oz. with packaging. I know the average t-shirt weighs 6 oz with packaging, and so on. 


It's time-consuming, but the end results make it worth it when processing orders. 




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Totally get that depending on the business. But If you have a multi item order ie: 2 pairs of socks and a belt, simply using that data would give inaccurate weights would it not? I guess it really depends on what you sell and how you package your orders. ie: if all of your items are clothes and they always go in the same size poly bag, then it would be easy to configure that weight. But if you have 10 different sized boxes that get used in different scenarios I feel like it wouldn't work as well.


Ah, If you're building sets like that it does get really tricky! It's like a game of math. Not a fun game.


You would have to measure and weigh each and every combination option available in order to have your set info saved in shipstation for future use, or continue manually entering the dims/weights by order.  I'm sorry I don't know a way around this! 


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Sadly, we don't even bother pulling the weights from the SKUs for this very reason. Shipping 700-800 a week and weighing every single package. It seems like a small thing, but those times add up.

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Oh my god, we need this! What an easy feature that is missing... This was posted over a year ago and Shipstation hasn't added this feature yet? We have 4 custom boxes we use very often that range from 2 oz to 37.2 oz and we have to manually add those weight to the total order weight after we select the package. We have all of our product weights entered in to auto populate but I agree, what's the point if it doesn't account for the box/dunnage? 

Currently shipping about 400 orders per week and this would be SO HELPFUL. 


honestly cannot believe package weight is not a function of the shipping calculator, it's just the simplest thing in the world.  I have to use ShipperHQ (instead of SS) just because of this, so silly

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I would also love to see this! For those who's processes would be complicated by this, they could just leave the empty package weight field empty.  This seems like a pretty basic and obvious feature that Shipstation should implement. 

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I'm still waiting on this feature to be added.