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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
When I hand deliver or the customer picks up and I manually mark it as shipped, it requires me to select a carrier, so can you make a carrier in the drop-down that is "picked up" and does not request a tracking number to be put in and maybe make another carrier that is "hand-delivered" or "self-delivered" and also does not require a tracking number?
First-timer (legacy)
This is exactly what we need. Marking orders "as shipped" excludes the order details (qtys, products, etc) from being included in reports or even exports, so it's unsatisfactory. We also have local pick-ups and even hand deliveries to customers near-by and those are lost from any reporting. Work-around is to create a label with a SS carrier and then not use it. It's lousy, but at least you can get the data included in reports.
First-timer (legacy)
adding to the list for the need to create a label for local courier, pickup or other custom shipper that is not integrated. We use DTrac for our internal couriers but marking shipped doesn't create a seamless process. Love to print a label that indicates the appropriate custom method rather than just marking shipped and not printing the label.
First-timer (legacy)
Any updates on this? There has to be a better way than tagging? Regards, Shawn
First-timer (legacy)
Any update on this? Seems like an easy software upgrade & considering there is still no solution since 2012, it makes me suspect there is a hidden reason this feature does not exist.
First-timer (legacy)
I agree with the OP and others that this would be helpful, and the workaround offered is not viable. I've requested this feature years ago, but after seeing others with the same desire, I really hope this comes to fruition. I envision an "In-Store" or "Local-Pickup" option under the carrier drop down, which should likely be a new option in Providers (preferably allowing options for label formatting and pickup/delivery confirmation method). That way, these orders may be batched and printed along with others: Having these "pick-up" labels will make a huge difference.
First-timer (legacy)
We have lots of pickup orders at various locations and would like to handle everything in ShipStation but there is no way to set custom carriers and packages and assign them to those orders which would be extremely helpful.
First-timer (legacy)
Can we please get a shipping carrier of "customer pickup" so that we can select a provider and run labels in batches with other orders? I thought I might be able to set one up by creating a new carrier. When I clicked to add a provider, it did not give the option to do a custom provider. I feel like that would be a good solution. Set up a custom provider and it could be labeled as needed--in my case, "customer pickup"
First-timer (legacy)
Yes I agree, Pickup option is needed (not just a workaround)... as online competes more with retail bricks and mortar, it's a must have function
We need two more carrier options in the Mark as Shipped form drop down list: 1) Will-Call Pick-Up (or Customer Pick-Up) 2) Local Delivery ( or delivered by our company) 3) Freight or LTL
Any chance this be available in V3?