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When I hand deliver or the customer picks up and I manually mark it as shipped, it requires me to select a carrier, so can you make a carrier in the drop-down that is "picked up" and does not request a tracking number to be put in and maybe make another carrier that is "hand-delivered" or "self-delivered" and also does not require a tracking number?

We really would love to see the ability for these local deliveries to be marked "delivered" by our delivery driver, so that our staff can see the timing of delivery, and the customer can receive a delivery confirmation, like they do when amazon or any carrier delivers. My drivers currently have a google sheet with their route and enter the info (time of delivery, who it was left with, etc) in the sheet. My customer service team manually checks that multiple times a day and sends "your order has been delivered" emails manually to customers. Takes a lot of time. Would be infinitely better if our drivers could use Shipstation to just mark an order as delivered. 

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We have the same scenarios.  We change the carrier to "other" in the listing and for tracking number type in "customer pick up".  Seems to work for us.

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The inability for the user to edit the carrier list for the "mark as shipped" function is a major oversight. Many of the major carriers (like freight, particularly) are not in the list. I'd also like to be able to add them, or at least have a "blank" option where I could type in one that isn't in the list for a particular order.

Since ShipStation does not, according to the documentation, follow up on tracking on packages that are "marked as shipped," this is just a simple text list of shippers and doesn't have any real programmatic "hooks" - it should be editable by user, IMHO. I'd be SO happy to remove all of those unnecessary courier services and just have a list of the 5-8 that I'd actually use.

This would be very helpful!


Please add this option. We need a pick up/internal fulfilment/blank carrier so pick up orders can be managed through the regular shipping page.