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Status: Investigating
Currently during an exchange, we reship the original order and then have to change the packing slip by hand writing the changes. While we could create manual orders for each of these, right now customer information does not automatically fill in all of the time when creating an order. When this happens we can go to the customers tab and then search for the customer and then create an order from there, but this seems like an extra step. It would be convenience to have a "duplicate order" button that would create a new order to the same recipient directly from the orders or shipments tab.

this has been an open request from users for 10 years, can @Moderator-Davis or @Thoma Bravo or @Nathan Jones please advise why there is no duplicate feature yet? this is pathetic, if shipstation really cared about their customers they would do this already. (or at least explain why they wont do it)

Status changed to: Investigating

Hi everyone, 


Thank you so much for all of your kudos and comments on this Idea.


I know when an Idea is around for a while and we don’t have updates to provide it may look like it has gone dormant, however, I can assure you that Order Duplication has been and continues to be a hot topic internally. I am happy to announce that after meeting with one of the product team members that this idea is being moved into the In Consideration status, since it has been on their radar.


This is something that we are working toward addressing, however it has not yet been added to the roadmap because of active work on dependent core features that unlock our ability to build these types of order fulfillment features in a safe and stable way


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 

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Hey guys,

This issue is unbelievable.  10 years of customer requests.  The reason it was never done before was because "create a new shipment" behaved as expected.  Now it isn't even possible to create a new shipment with the same line items - there isn't even an option to do it.  You can't add items to a new order.  Everything, including the customs declaration, now has to be done by hand.

This isn't a feature request.  It's an absolutely embarrassing bug.

I have begun telling everyone I can to stop using this product.  Things like this are the reason why.  This software is *not usable for practical purposes anymore*.

This could be fixed in an actual hour or two by a single developer.

What is wrong with you.


Adding my name to the strong request for this option. 


Over 10 years and this hasn't been addressed? I don't know why it would or should be "a hot topic internally". All the code team needs to do is include "(Copy)" after the order number, the same way "(1 of 2)" and "(2 of 2)" show when we split orders. This would absolutely be a time-saving feature!


I'm adding my request as well. When you have 2, 5, 10, 20 boxes going to the exact same person on one order creating new labels for each box is ridiculous. 

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We really need this option!


I agree with all the other users above. It is simply crazy not to have such an obvious feature as this. When you are shipping similar things to the same people every week it is so laborious to have to enter all the details every single time.

Come on guys - please prioritise this!


Shipstation is so notorious for blatantly ignoring basic functionality requests. Butttt the price keeps going up!!


I concur - we need some sort of duplicate order feature to quickly print another new label with same customer info. Very cumbersome currently, would love to hear another update from @Manager-Erin or someone similar to see how the hot internal topic is still cooking. Thanks!