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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
Currently during an exchange, we reship the original order and then have to change the packing slip by hand writing the changes. While we could create manual orders for each of these, right now customer information does not automatically fill in all of the time when creating an order. When this happens we can go to the customers tab and then search for the customer and then create an order from there, but this seems like an extra step. It would be convenience to have a "duplicate order" button that would create a new order to the same recipient directly from the orders or shipments tab.
First-timer (legacy)
I love this idea. We have wholesale/manual customers that place the same orders on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. It would be great to be able to click a "reoccurring order" button while entering the original order & the click a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly button that would generate an order under "awaiting shipment" & also generate multiple upcoming orders under "On Hold".
First-timer (legacy)
This is ok for printing new labels but it does not take inventory into consideration. It does not allow you to add or delete lines and keep a history of activity. Not a solution for me.
First-timer (legacy)
I also think it's a bit ridiculous that this isn't a feature already, especially after so many votes.
First-timer (legacy)
Been waiting a long time for this feature.
First-timer (legacy)
I periodically send a case of something to Amazon FBA, for example. Each product always by the same number, in the same size box, and usually to the same FBA warehouse. For now, I open up a duplicate tab to open up a past order, and copy over information to a new manual order, because its the same information but new shipment, new day, same size but physically new box. a repeat shipment. repeat. not a re-ship to fix something. just a repeat of the same thing. a repeated shipment or order could then be manually altered as needed to fit the new shipment or order. I say again, "repeat".
First-timer (legacy)
I used to use ShipRush's duplicate order button A LOT and it was my favorite feature. When my company switched to Ship Station without this feature it is pretty disappointing. I will now have to create a manual order every time which is time consuming and leaves room for error. I would use it for: packages lost in the mail, when things were sent wrong, when labels were lost or ripped off the printer, when I had to change an address, shipping warranty or free promotional items. I hope shipstation is able to make a change soon!
First-timer (legacy)
Insane this has been under review for 5 F'N YEARS???????
First-timer (legacy)
In ShipStation v3, when you use the "Create another shipment", ShipStation duplicate the original order WITHOUT duplicating the Order/shipment items and show "This shipment has no items". The problems is unproductive, because our average order have 50-100 lines of items and our API need items/qty to manage the multiple-shipment order. So because ShipStation team take the duplication order approach in v3, we think is a good reason to increase the duplication capability to Order/shipment items. If this function was not corrected, we have no choice to reevaluate ou business position and close our subscription with ShipSatation in the future.
First-timer (legacy)
If Shipstation doesn't have Duplicate Order feature, switch to Shipping Easy, they do
First-timer (legacy)
Is this here yet? this would be REALLY obviously helpful for those of us making the same shipment every month -- If the "Import Orders" function would actually save the settings (instead of forgetting them every time) that would be one step closer - as it is I'm doing the 'field mapping' for the CSV on all however many 10 fields or so EVERY TIME. This is the thing that makes me dread the shipping process. Same old addresses, same old weights, same old same old everything.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Can't I just press a button and get a copy? or is there something i'm missing somewhere to make this easier? - The 'Saved Mappings' on import orders DO NOT save on my system - but of course I'd rather just have the "Repeat/copy" Order function would make life that much easier....