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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
Currently during an exchange, we reship the original order and then have to change the packing slip by hand writing the changes. While we could create manual orders for each of these, right now customer information does not automatically fill in all of the time when creating an order. When this happens we can go to the customers tab and then search for the customer and then create an order from there, but this seems like an extra step. It would be convenience to have a "duplicate order" button that would create a new order to the same recipient directly from the orders or shipments tab.
First-timer (legacy)
I need this. Some orders get lost and I need to reship. If there are a lot of line items, this is a PITA. On the old layout, i could do this. I just hit print, it said "Whoops! This already printed, are you sure you want to print it again" and then i got a new tracking number and a label with all of the same information. Tempted to toggle back and forth for this feature.
First-timer (legacy)
Has a decision been made on this yet by the Shipstation team? It has been "under review" for 5 years now.
First-timer (legacy)
There should be an option to reship the same order. If we create a new shipment, there is no option to add items. I want to switch back to the old layout
First-timer (legacy)
Adding my vote that we need a duplicate ship feature to easily reship.
New Contributor
We need a duplicate as it puts the order in the Awaiting shipment queue, which is a must. So when a customer gets a defective item, we have to manually copy paste the order to a new order. We need the function to COPY ORDER (don't use duplicate wording, as you use that elsewhere and it will confuse). COPY to NEW ORDER button is a must, as it will allow us to quickly create a duplicate order, put it in our shipstation queue as awaiting fulfilment (this is automatic) so we know what to work on via shipstation, and not by. manually printing labels (false info to customer that it has shipped)
First-timer (legacy)
There needs to be a "create order from this shipment" button. This for manual orders and repeat shipments to customers. If all you get is orders pulled in from a store then you don't need this. But if you're manually shipping a repeat customer this is an obviously lacking option, and it would be so easy to add.
Found this looking for the same functionality. Item is lost, stolen, or damaged, and I want to run it through our entire shipping/order management process again. Need a way to get this moved to awaiting shipment as if the customer placed the same order again.
First-timer (legacy)
'@Stephen Polizzi - That is already possible. You need to be in "Orders" not "Shipments," search the order number, and then click it, and click Restore. This will put the order back in Awaiting Shipping. This works on orders canceled, shipped, etc
First-timer (legacy)
Would be a nice feature to have and have separate order numbers. Currently, we use the "Split Order" feature and then simply put 0 in where it asks you how many from the Product Quantity to split. We sell Multi-Packs so 1 SKU contains 12 pieces. When I put 0, it splits the order, adds a suffix to the order number and effectively gives me a copy of the order, just without any products in the order. It works perfectly for me because it's primarily used when a customer is missing 1 or 2 of an item. I then just add the product and add the QTY that the customer is missing. Hope this helps. - Joey
First-timer (legacy)
Just keeping this alive and adding my request to add a "create duplicate order" feature. It's crazy that it is not available, it can't be that difficult to create this feature. PLEASE DO THIS !!!