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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Planned
I am very pumped about ShipStation handling returns as it makes sense but I have a couple tweaks that seem to be important and missing. One critical missing piece of information on your returns section is a Comment box for the customer. A lot of times a return cannot be handled with just pre-defined drop-down menus, let alone just one. Having a comment box allows the customer to select Defective and comment that they want a return or why it is defective. Another feature request would be allowing us (admins) to edit the Reason drop down menu. There are a couple that do not pertain to us. Lastly, is the handling of international orders. Is there a way to reject a return that is not US and tell them to email us? We do not want to issue labels for international and nor do we want them to just receive an error. Another small request would be increasing the size of the Return Policy section.
First-timer (legacy)
When setting up the branded returns page it would be great to be able to edit the reasons for the return and customize it to the company needs. Thanks
First-timer (legacy)
I was wondering if perhaps we could adjust the return reason codes to perhaps these codes below? -Changed mind -Not compatible with phone -Not compatible with vehicle -Not as expected -Defective -Delievery late -Did not order -Exchange -Already has purchased
First-timer (legacy)
The branded return portal is awesome and is a great feature. Unfortunately with our type of business as well as others, customers order the wrong products all the time. It would be an awesome feature if the return reason was associated to who pays the shipping back. Examples: Change mind: Customer Pays Shipping Order wrong item: Customer Pays Shipping Not as Described: Seller Pays Last thing i can find is the reason option. would be nice to remove some of the reasons like Change Mind, Rental and a few others. just do not fit our type of business as well as others.
First-timer (legacy)
Hello, we're a clothing company and we use the data for our returns to improve our size, fit, quality and size spread. It would be very helpful to add a "wrong size" field to the "return reason" dropdown, since this accounts for a huge percentage of our returns. Though ideally, it would be great if we could customize these fields since we could parse it out further to "too big" or "too small". Thanks for your consideration.
Status changed to: Planned

Yes, customizations options would be great! Here are some specifics:

  1. Delete return reasons that do not pertain to our business (i.e. exchange)
  2. Create custom return reasons that make more sense to our business (i.e. did not fit)
  3. A optional pop-up to acknowledge the return policy (i.e. "I understand that $7.99 will be deducted from my return if I use this prepaid label)