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We keep track of our product inventory elsewhere, but use ShipStation to ship our products and therefore would like ShipStation to keep inventory of the boxes we use to ship products. We use the preset packages and think it's only natural to know how many we have used and how many we have left so we dont over-order boxes or know which box sizes we use more so we can place orders for them!

God this would help. There are clunky solutions out there it seems but if they don't integrate with the final product count shipped and tracked via Shipstation it still becomes a headache to have to manage another system. PLEASE Shipstation add this functionality. You will help so many of your customers who have multiple parts in a product.

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New Contributor

One option to consider is SKUSavvy which provides package materials tracking for orders as well as providing a package size suggestion during fulfillment. SKUSavvy uses ShipEngine (API behind ShipStation, same company) so you get the same rate information while adding full support for purchasing, warehouse & bin locations, as well as visual pick-pack-ship operations. 


Works natively with Shopify too pull over and update all locations, products, inventory, customers, and orders.


SKUSavvy visual pick mapSKUSavvy visual pick mapSKUSavvy mobile fulfillmentSKUSavvy mobile fulfillment

Welcome @kingstore!


Thanks so much for providing this solution that has worked for you! Your participation in the community is greatly appreciated 🙂


This information could very well be a giant help your fellow community members!  


I think this could be as simple as allowing us to run a report to see which boxes we used for shipping based on the dimensions selected when we chose carriers and print shipping labels. 


We use 3 different types of boxes and I have thought about adding them as inventory but if you had a way to track supplies that would be best!!!!!