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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
We keep track of our product inventory elsewhere, but use ShipStation to ship our products and therefore would like ShipStation to keep inventory of the boxes we use to ship products. We use the preset packages and think it's only natural to know how many we have used and how many we have left so we dont over-order boxes or know which box sizes we use more so we can place orders for them!
First-timer (legacy)
Has there ever been an update to this idea? Our ecommerce business would also like to figure out a shipping supplies inventory solution without having to use another inventory platform.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes!! Inventory tracking for all our supplies would be fantastic.
Definitely useful. We add ice gel packs to our orders. They are heavy and influence the correct calculation of the weight of the shipment. So if either manually or by automation rules we could allocate packaging materials and then track it as per this request would be super helpful.
First-timer (legacy)
Christopher, I literally just opened a support ticket about this same issue and suggested it as a feature. :) This to me is the big "gaping" hole in Shipstation's inventory tracking. If it can deduct our finished goods when orders are fulfilled, why can't it deduct the packaging materials used? Shipstation is the only software in the ecommerce workflow process that knows when orders are fulfilled and what boxes/packaging we are using, so it is only obvious that they need to add this, otherwise we are all literally counting our boxes manually like cave men once a week. All things equal, I would switch solutions to another system if they had this feature, because it is an obvious requirement. Please add this feature!! Thanks.
First-timer (legacy)
Is there any update to this ticket? We badly need this system thank you, Jimmy
First-timer (legacy)
I would love to be able to enter the inventory quantity of each of the boxes/envelopes that I use so that ShipStation can track my inventory and alert me when my packaging supplies are running low.
Would love this feature!
First-timer (legacy)
This would be super helpful, please consider adding!
First-timer (legacy)
We use a multitude of items when we ship out our orders. All of our shipments consist of the products ordered, a thank you card, a free sticker and the package that the order is shipped in. Is there a way in Shipstation to track the thank you cards, stickers, etc.? So, say we have 10,000 Thank You Cards and 8,000 Stickers, as orders come in to shipstation, those quantities would automatically be reduced. If we had 400 orders come in during 1 day, the new quantities of the Thank You Cards would be 9,600 and the Stickers would be 7,600. Or even if the quantities were reduced as orders were fulfilled. This has been a request from Shipstation Customers since back in 2014. Hopefully, you decide to implement it, it would be another great feature/upsell and a great reason for people to use Shipstation for fulfilling their orders, over other providers.