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Status: Investigating
We use a variety of shipping and freight options that are not available as carriers in shipstation. When we choose a shipping company outside of shipstation we will come back and manually mark the order as shipped. But when we go to select the carrier we are using, they are not available so we have to select "Other". We should be able to create CARRIERS so we don't have to select "other" for every outside shipping company. Adding new carriers would make it easier to keep track of which carrier was used instead of relying on a tracking number and the carrier "other" MANUALLY ADD UNIQUE CARRIERS
Please add tracking support for the following 2 carriers. LSO - Dicom - UDS - There may be some other carriers we use sometimes but if you don't support them, when we select "Other" in the drop down, you should give us the ability to add the tracking link manually. Thanks.
First-timer (legacy)
Hi Alex, I support your idea of adding an extra careers to ship station. We mostly ship with UPS, however, we have some customers for whom we use UDS. Now, we choose "other" to let customers know that their orders have been shipped, but when they receive a confirmation email, the link doesn't lead to the desired page to track a package. We have to manually send the link to UDS's website. This is an extra work, and when it's a busy season, it's undoable. Ship Station, could you please add UDS as an additional career, so that it will help us easily communicate with customers and not have problems. Thank you, Leila | Polana
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We do alot of free local deliveries and so mark as "Other" in the list. Can we add an option that is “Local Free Delivery” – basically us getting in our car and delivering? Ideally, if SS can know that will be the method saving us time and room for error - by taking data from WooCommerce or we can set up the same rule as we have in there using Postcodes that we deliver free to? Thanks
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Hello, I have my own van as a delivery method for anyone who orders locally. I filter orders by postcode and then bulk update them as shipped. At the moment I have to mark the courier as Other, but I would like to mark that as delivered by our own van, is there a way I can add my own van to the carrier dropdown list?
For about 10% of our orders we either deliver the products or the customer comes and picks up the order. Right now we have to either cancel these shipments within ShipStation (which then messes up Magento 2) or we have to use the "Mark as Shipped" functionality. With Mark as Shipped we want to be able to setup our own carriers so we could then choose 'Customer Picked Up Order' or 'Order Delivered'.
Status changed to: Investigating
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I absolutely agree.

This is a major oversight. Many of the major carriers (like freight, particularly) are not in the list.

I'd also like to be able to add them, or at least have a "blank" option where I could type in one that isn't in the list for a particular order.
Since ShipStation does not, according to the documentation, follow up on tracking on packages that are "marked as shipped," this is just a simple text list of shippers and doesn't have any real programmatic "hooks" - it should be editable by user, IMHO. I'd be SO happy to remove all of those unnecessary courier services and just have a list of the 5-8 that I'd actually use.

For using "Other" could it be as simple as adding a blank field that would allow us to fill in the carrier name?

We too use a lot of LTL carriers and are having to do double the work for tracking PRO numbers at a later date.


Occasional Contributor

Ditto all of this.  Been marking as Other for far too many years.  PLUS I would love the ability to edit the whole list.  It's tiresome to wade through dozens of carriers we've never used and never will use.

New Contributor

Yeah - major shortcoming.