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Occasional Contributor
Status: Started
I use Shopify to gather my website orders. From there they are imported into various stores set up in ShipStation. Why can't ShipStation update an order that has been altered in Shopify? For example, lets say an order is imported into ShipStation from Shopify. I realize that the order is missing an item which I then have to refund back to the customer. I do the refund in Shopify, but when I re-import orders from Shopify back into ShipStation, the order still shows the full list of items in the "Order Items" list... the refunded item(s) are still present. It seems like the software should be able to communicate the change in the order and update it accordingly... it does just that when "canceling" an order in Shopify, doesn't make sense why the API can't recognize the drop in item (or items) after the refund and adjust the order itself in ShipStation. Thanks
Status changed to: Started