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I print out a packing list to include in each shipment.  I also include a separate page with information about returns, feedback, and the like.  It would save time and paper if I could just print that sheet on the packing list itself.

A simple way to do this is to allow a PDF to be specified to be included when printing the packing list.  One way to do this would be with a multi-page PDF where the first page has blank space at the top for the packing list.  ShipStation could overlay the first page of the PDF with the packing list.  If it were a two-page PDF printed on both sides of the page, the packing list could include a lot of user-supplied information and still fit on a single sheet.

Also, I'm a small shipper and only use the "Starter" level of ShipStation.  I'm not going to pay for an expensive upgrade just to get customizable packing lists, and if I were going to, I wouldn't do so without being able to try the feature.  Having the lower-cost levels lacking in minor features just annoys your customers; it doesn't sell upgrades.  The limit on the number of orders per month is what drives upgrades.