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Hey there,

I noticed that on object creation (like products) via the dashboard the "modifyDate" timestamp left blank. Usually, it's set to the same as "createDate". It's not very useful since it is only possible to sort by one column.

This is kind of confusing for developers like me who rely on these timestamps to track changes to objects.
It would be great if you could update the logic to set "modifyDate" on object creation.

Thanks a bunch for your attention to this! Let me know if you have any questions.

New Contributor

I'd like to note that the logic of "setting modifyDate on create" is already functioning -- for example, when importing customers, it automatically sets modifyDate to the same value as createDate. So, it's not a new feature.
It would be great if this behavior remains consistent across all functions.

Also, it seems like this topic would be better suited for the ShipStation Features or Ideas category. If possible, moderators, please move it there.


Hello @Nuvspot ,


Thanks for your feedback and for letting us know the post needs to be moved. I will take care of this right away. 


-Erin: Your Friendly  Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager