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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Need the ability for the automation rules to see multiple item orders. So you can create logic that IF it includes this SKU and also this SKU it will process these rules. This should be able to be done for as many items in the order. The current automation rules do not work well if you have multiple skus that get sold together in a shopping cart.
First-timer (legacy)
For any type of SS automation, I recommend using an Integromat integration. It is an amazingly thorough integration that utilizes most of the SS api without having to be a code genius.
First-timer (legacy)
A majority of the orders placed through my shop are multiple item orders - so the lack of any ability to filter orders this way pretty much makes the entire filtration system useless, and forces me to go through every (Multiple items) order manually to figure out if that particular order is ready to be fulfilled or not. This is very strange and frustrating and feels like it should be an easy fix!
First-timer (legacy)
Hello, Each of our products are shipped in a unique box size. We would like to use Automation Rules so that we do not have to enter the dimension and weight of each box. However, ShipStation support told us that automation rules will not apply to multi-item orders. Currently, we have to assign box sizes manually, but the information is in BigCommerce and ShipperHQ. ShipStation should be able to import that information in which would save us a lot of time. Chances are that other customers have a similar issue. Thank you.
First-timer (legacy)
If I try to add more than 1 item SKU or Item Name to the Automation Rules, the Rule doesn't work. For example, if I add "Item SKU" Contains Product A, and on the next line "Item SKU " Contains "Product B" , if a customer orders Product A and Product B, the automation rule doesn't apply?? Your engineers told me the only work around is create "Tags" for each combination of items, then use an Automation Rule for that Tag. This is ridiculous. I have dozens of different product names, sizes and SKU combinations, it's crazy to set up a Tag for each. What I would like is for this to work, so I can use the Item SKU and Item Name with more than 1 product and it will work like it's supposed to. Can you please fix this bug ASAP?
Occasional Contributor
This would be huge for us because right now we are having to do this manually every morning before we start shipping for the day. It also is a hiccup with items getting the right tag based on out automation rules.
Occasional Contributor

This would be very useful... I've had to build saved searches that after orders have imported I tag orders appropriately because it does not work on multi-line item ordes.

Occasional Contributor

Being able to use automation rules to multi SKU order would be great. Something I would also like to suggest (if automation rules could be applied to multi SKU orders) is the ability to use product categories to control a rule. the reason I see this as necessary for us is we have a little over 5k SKUs and at least 7 different general product categories (more sub categories could be used to better sort orders). Being able to choose who is assigned these orders or what tags these different order get would be a huge help. For example say I'm missing a critical part in an assembly that is holding up an entire product category from shipping. I would like to know which orders contain products within that category. This could be to just not waste time looking at order that can't be filled or to send emails notifying them of the potential delay. I'm sure much more could be done with something like this but I believe it would make creating SKU based rules even more powerful and easier to do.


I have been needing this for years - but I am looking to see if there is a workaround as the majority of our orders are 1 SKU + an add on accessory - So i would like ship station to ignore a set of SKUs that are our accessories) and treat multi-item shipments as a single item if the second, third, etc. item is one of that ' accessory skus' does anyone have an idea on how to implement this?


Basically, can I make all those accessories "B" items and tell shipstation to only use A items when running rules... 


Multi-item orders can be automated as long as tagging is utilized for the products in question. In this way, you can create automation rules not based on sku as other contributors have mentioned, but "contains this tag" and likewise, "excludes" any other tag that you don't want in that particular automation rule. 

This isn't a complete solution, but a workaround for the majority of multi-order use cases. It doesn't work so well when you 5k sku's like @AlecW mentioned. You would need to create millions of automation rules to capture every variation of tag. If you have 100 skus? Definitely doable for the majority of orders.

New Contributor

ShipStation needs to look into this. Its a major design flaw that hold up out business. It a major feature that is needed and why we use ShipStation to begin with. To create a tag for each sku combination is ridiculous, they should just correct the if/then logic to allow for multiple sku combinations. Please help us all out @admin