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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Need the ability for the automation rules to see multiple item orders. So you can create logic that IF it includes this SKU and also this SKU it will process these rules. This should be able to be done for as many items in the order. The current automation rules do not work well if you have multiple skus that get sold together in a shopping cart.

Yep, just ran into this unacceptalbe limitation. Seriously, this is such a ridiculous flaw we are reconsidering our plan to move just because of this.


Currently the Item SKU choice in automations is next to useless. Please make it check every line item in an order.

New Contributor

The ability to have automation rules that check conditions of mutliple SKUs in an order is so needed and so simple.  I'm starting to move from Order Desk to Ship Station and had lots of rules set up this way in Order Desk.  Now thinking I should be moving back to Order Desk already due to the lack of this feature.  We have 3 shipping locations and need auotmation that can "decide" which location to ship from based on a variety of features that require looking against each SKU within the order.

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100% This should be a feature--we definitely need this!

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Please @admin help get a resolution for this issue. There are a lot of business out there using Shipstation that could really benefit from this feature!! 

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Chalk up another user who discovered this limitation and completely in disbelief at this one and the fact that this thread has been going for 3 years with no resolution. This makes automation rules worthless for many vendors who don't sell/ship individual pre-packaged items.

New Contributor

@admin add us to the list of users who will be requiring this feature.
We are re-evaluating our criteria in platform selection and this function is at the top of our list.