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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
ShipStation is a great tool for shipping items but it shouldn't force all orders to be paid before they are shipped. We ship a lot of orders that are "paid" by purchase order and having to mark them as paid in ShipStation in order to ship them creates accounting issues. When we pull the orders Into Quickbooks, they come across as paid and we have no automated way of tracking unpaid invoices. I like the idea of identifying orders in ShipStation that are not paid but let me decide if I want to ship them!
First-timer (legacy)
Hi there, is there a solution to this problem yet?
First-timer (legacy)
Various payment methods - net30 - net60. Orders need to go out without payment. Being able to batch "mark as paid" would be helpful too. Manually doing each one is ridiculously time consuming and means we dont use shipstation for B2B. Cant believe this was raised in 2014 and Shipstation still havent implemented.
First-timer (legacy)
Hoping to bump this back up - @shipstation PLEASE consider adding this feature. As everyone has added, the lack of functionality in the AWAITING PAYMENT are significantly devalues your product, and slows down a certain segment of your customers workflows. To the point of it not being of value to keep your product. Make the need to MARK ORDERS AS PAID - an option to toggle off / on? Allow BULK updating to mark a group of orders as PAID. Allow us to quote shipping rates on orders before they are mark as paid. All of those simple updates would significantly save time.
First-timer (legacy)
I desperately need this. This would solve all of my problems. I have been a loyal shipstation customer for over 5 years, but I am about to start looking at alternatives. This is becoming too much of a bottleneck.
First-timer (legacy)
Wholesale order or invoiced order!
First-timer (legacy)
Yea, this doesn't work and confuses our bookkeeper who invoices orders marked Shipped and Awaiting Payment. If ShipStation overrides this, it reports back to our marketplace that the order, an unpaid Purchase Order with a Net20, is paid.
First-timer (legacy)
How is this 5 years old and Shipstation hasn't fixed this yet? This is ridiculous.
Occasional Contributor
We use delayed capture and have to manually change every order in BigCommerce to let it move over to ShipStation. The customer's card has already been authorized for the amount of the order, but we don't capture the funds until the order is shipped. If we can import and ship unpaid orders we wouldn't have to manually change each order.
First-timer (legacy)
A lot of people have customers who have 30 day terms or more. Need to ship to our best customers as unpaid and Quickbooks invoices them months later... thats how big business works. How is this not a thing?
First-timer (legacy)
Please tell me this is way old and SS has fixed? What company doesn't have net terms/invoicing? It's everyday, and a huge percentage of orders. You have to think of it like a brick and mortar. Sales is sales. B2B vs. B2C. This would mean shipstation is only good for B2C scenarios. Can someone advise if this is resolved? 🙂