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Status: Under Review
ShipStation is a great tool for shipping items but it shouldn't force all orders to be paid before they are shipped. We ship a lot of orders that are "paid" by purchase order and having to mark them as paid in ShipStation in order to ship them creates accounting issues. When we pull the orders Into Quickbooks, they come across as paid and we have no automated way of tracking unpaid invoices. I like the idea of identifying orders in ShipStation that are not paid but let me decide if I want to ship them!
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for wholesale orders, its always net 30, net 60, etc. its kind of ridiculous we cant ship orders that are in the awaiting payment section. I cant send these orders to my fulfillment center becuase they wont go to awaiting shipment. this needs to be fixed ASAP
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SOo, we have the same situation. We're using Shopify only for wholesale & NONE of the orders are paid immediately. All are shipped NET 30 or more. So, it's ridiculous to have to mark them paid in order to get them to ship & then go back & mark them not paid in Shopify. What's your current solution for this?
Still under review after all these years? Shipstation - understand that in 2018 your product is a part of many workflows and other systems. In my case my orders flow from SS to Finale inventory, and on to Quickbooks. Being unable to handle normal wholesale terms, Shipstation forces us to change reality, then we need to change it back. I have to mark things paid in Shipstation, then I unpay them automatically elsewhere because Shipstation refuses to believe that unpaid items are shipped in the normal course of business. Sounds like you made a huge design error early on in the development of the SS framework and have realized there is a large cost to fix it, so instead of that , you want your users to distort the reality of an order and force them to make downstream adjustments. ugg...this is the kind of error a competitor can pick up on and make it a reason to switch shipping platforms.
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If I was the product designer I would make "Allow Shjipments if PAyment Pending" an account setting that type of business rule a setting for a business to choose. ie., allow shipments if payment is pending. ie., we allow for shipments if the client has paid a deposit or if we are working with a partner on Net30 terms.
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Echoing everything here! We have a lot of wholesale Net 30 orders. We ship orders immediately and customers pay later. Really looking forward to having this feature. Thank you product team!
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wholesale net 30
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Net terms for wholesale customers. Echoing everyone else that it creates accounting issues when we’re forced to mark as paid.
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I use shopify at times as a place holder for an account that we invoice customers for... so we put the order in and would like it to appear in shi[pstation so we can ship the order.
Your giving me more and more reasons to quit using Shipstation. This is an easy fix just let us ship the darn boxes without the order being paid for pete's sake.
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I agree with "Allow shipment of unpaid orders" post. We receive orders from the public as well as government businesses. We allow Purchase orders from schools, governments and certain venders and need to ship their order when it is placed. Currently it goes into shipped just as every other order, however it needs to remain in awaiting payment as that is where it belongs. Simply allowing it to ship from awaiting payments and an option to leave it in that category would solve this issue.