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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
ShipStation is a great tool for shipping items but it shouldn't force all orders to be paid before they are shipped. We ship a lot of orders that are "paid" by purchase order and having to mark them as paid in ShipStation in order to ship them creates accounting issues. When we pull the orders Into Quickbooks, they come across as paid and we have no automated way of tracking unpaid invoices. I like the idea of identifying orders in ShipStation that are not paid but let me decide if I want to ship them!
First-timer (legacy)
This is absolutely required by us, we ship many orders to customers on a payment plan, and because these customers do not pay until they receive there package, we need to make sure anshipped order is not invoiced in full, (or not marked as payed) or we cannot keep track of orders that need to be payed. Please investigate adding this functionality, it would make your shipping solution unique. Thank You, Alexander Countey
First-timer (legacy)
Agreed! Lots of our customers pay with "Net30" terms, so we would like to have the option to ship orders that have not been marked as paid.
First-timer (legacy)
We can't use manual orders in shipstation when customers pay by Purchase Order or Net -30. this creates a mess in our accounting software.
New Contributor
One way that this could be accomplished: If the Selling Platform offers Order Tags, it would be helpful if ShipStation can assign status based on that. If the Order tag was "NET30" or "POAPPROVED" (or whatever), ShipStation would import as "Awaiting Shipment". Another option: Allow Automated Rules to off an action "Mark as Paid" OR override Order Status to "Awaiting Shipment". Since an automated rule can look for specific a number of different things (SKUs being one). A certain SKU could be used to automate this "NET30". OR Combine those ideas and allow Automated Rules to search Order Tag for a specific tag and override status to "Awaiting Shipment" or "Mark as Paid" as the action.
First-timer (legacy)
This is insane, why would you force an order to be paid before it ships? If marked paid, then it sends a payment to our accounting system for net30 orders, and I have no idea which order to collect for or need payment. Is there a way around this yet? I cant believe shipstation would set this up to where you couldnt have a choice, if not solved I guess we will be switching to a new ship system.
Occasional Contributor
This would REALLY help us out. I'd love to be able to flow orders in from my Manual Store, and then mark them as paid either through the API or manually. We ship almost all of our in house orders on NET30 payable, so this would help.
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UNDER REVIEW since 2015 and still nothing has been done yet ...
First-timer (legacy)
Thanks for checking up on this one @Frederic! We're still interested in this idea and would like to hear more about the workflows that require this and how you're dealing with it today.
First-timer (legacy)
I also think it would be great and a huge time saver to be able to track unpaid orders in ShipStation! Right now I am manually adding invoices to Quickbooks to keep a track on the account that have qualified for Net 30 in billing.
First-timer (legacy)
This Idea section should be combined with Idea section entitled "ship awaiting payment for net 30+ customer" (currently at 12 votes added to the 70 here) because they both want the same thing. I have customers with Net 30 terms and I NEED to be able to ship their product before it's paid. I don't need ShipStation to do anything else - I use my Xero accounting system to keep track of who is paid and create an aging report. I just need ShipStation to get out of the way and not force me to do more workaround clicks to fake out a payment in the system in order to print a label. That's my situation. Let's do this.