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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
ShipStation is a great tool for shipping items but it shouldn't force all orders to be paid before they are shipped. We ship a lot of orders that are "paid" by purchase order and having to mark them as paid in ShipStation in order to ship them creates accounting issues. When we pull the orders Into Quickbooks, they come across as paid and we have no automated way of tracking unpaid invoices. I like the idea of identifying orders in ShipStation that are not paid but let me decide if I want to ship them!
First-timer (legacy)
Hey @ShipStation - did you guys end up just ignoring this request? You asked for "additional information" from us multiple times but were there ever any changes made?
First-timer (legacy)
Hey, I'm new to Shipstation and the ability to do this is absolutely ESSENTIAL for our business. we ship a ton of wholesale orders that are not paid until 7,14, or 30 days after shipment and we NEED to be able to ship orders even if they are unpaid. It was a huge bummer to discover this restriction with the app. I can't for the life of me understand what the advantage is for having it set up as it is?
First-timer (legacy)
Dont expect anything from Shipstation , their support is non existent , we have a pending ticket with their senior support for more than 5 months and still no response.
First-timer (legacy)
6 years later and no action by ShipStation! ShipStation...How many confirms of a necessary fix are needed before they hit the To Do list? To those still dealing with this, I have a work around (but it only works for orders that have multiple items)...If you split the quantities the second shipments are shippable. So split the orders and move the quantity from the first unshippable shipment to one of the other shipments .
First-timer (legacy)
Bumping this request back up to the top! We desperately need to be able to ship order with terms. Being forced to mark everything as paid is destroying the "seamless" integration with our accounting system and creating more work.
Occasional Contributor
Yes!!! We need this also!! Not all orders are Paid at Shipping. You really need to fix please.
First-timer (legacy)
Have payment options other than CC or Amazon Pay. Example is PO and Get a Quote... These still need to be pushed through as the customer who submits a PO has submitted payment. Only way is to manually mark each order as paid in Shipstation. COME ON GUYS... GIVE A WORKAROUND. EVEN IF YOU HAD A RULE THAT COULD BE CREATED TO AUTOMATICALLY MARK EACH ORDER AS PAID OR EXCLUDE PAYMENT ENTIRELY. DOESN'T SEEM THAT HARD TO FIX. GIVE ME THE CODE FOR YOUR SHOPIFY PLUGIN AND I'LL GET IT DONE!
First-timer (legacy)
Scenarios can be simply summed up by identifying Shipstation customers as B2B or B2C. This whole PAID before shipping is a B2C mentality. In a B2B business shipping UNPAID orders is an everyday requirement.
Status changed to: Under Review
New Contributor

Just adding my vote for this one, it's pretty important, and wow is it annoying that we have to manually mark all of our terms/wholesale customers as paid to get it in the shipping queue!