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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
There should be a way to delete orders from the 'canceled' tab - sometimes an import doesn't go quite right, or perhaps you created the order to get a shipping cost for a customer who backed out - there's no reason to keep all that data in the canceled tab. Furthermore, and more importantly - if it's a botched import - you have to change to all new order #'s or re-importing will only update the already botched orders (and if it's the order # that's botched, you're way out of luck.) Let us delete canceled orders.
First-timer (legacy)
Is there a reason you can't delete. This is really annoying
First-timer (legacy)
Please, Please, Please.... add the ability to delete orders from the system, for all the great, reasonable and sensible reasons already mentioned by so many people over the last 4 years: - Organization / Clearing out old/unneeded orders - Botched Imports - Shipping Tests - etc.
Status changed to: Under Review
Occasional Contributor

Please add a way to permanently delete a cancelled order. This is particularly helpful if inventory gets off and you'd rather just do a fresh import with accurate data.


Just about to kick off an import of over a million manual orders outside of our normal services and we're finding it crazy restrictive not to be able to archive / delete old orders that may collide with our new imported orders.


Also, not being allowed to have the same order number is crazy especially when you have multiple selling channels setup that may inadvertently collide by happenstance.


Many requests here to be able to delete old cancelled orders.  Is there a capability to do so or are you going to be implementing this soon for us users?  

Hey ShipStation,


It's terribly presumptious to decide that users should not be able to delete their own data. Stop the arrogance.


The data belongs to your users. Let your users decide whether to keep it or delete it.


And when you finally implement this, apologize to your community. Nine years to implementation is not acceptable.


We most certainly need to delete orders. My accounting team has so many issues with this not being an option. When launching a new site and migrating old orders over, they all reimport and throw the counts WAY off in Shipstation and various other programs. This is needed!!!

New Contributor

Adding my voice to this. Please allow us to delete an order and re-import it with updates from the marketplace.

New Contributor

We import our crowdfunding orders and have had issues with the import process. When we cancel these orders, we cannot re-import the the orders since they just update the cancelled orders. So we cannot change the shipping warehouse etc. 
This is giving us much grief. We would appreciate a DELETE feature for orders.