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Status: Started

It would be super helpful if there was functionality to bulk auto-split shipments. Right now we have to manually split orders into separate shipments, one by one.


In splitting orders into multiple shipments, the additional shipments do not retain the original order's attributes or tags from Shopify. Is there a way to enable the split shipments maintaining the original order attributes and tags?


Let me know if you figure this out, I have to split dozens of orders a day, it takes forever. Shipstation has offered me zero help in this process.

Status changed to: Planned
Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Started
Community Manager
Community Manager

ShipStation has started work on an auto-split feature that will allow you to split orders based on criteria like which products the orders contain. There is currently no ETA on when this feature will be available. 

Occasional Contributor

I have been waiting for this for 6+ years. They don't care. 


I spend an hour everyday to split them. It should be automated. 

Occasional Contributor

Is there any update on when this will be done?  It is very time consuming manually splitting orders one at a time.

Hello there @angelao


I don't have any updates on an "auto-split" feature currently. However, once I have any news about it's progress, I will update this thread accordingly 🙂 

New Contributor

Shopify finally has an app that can do this!

Occasional Contributor

This is a feature that is long overdue and greatly impacts my business. Now they have even taken the feature away that would manually allow us to make necessary splits.

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Because of the recent update of removing dash one ("-1") from split orders, I'm going to have to leave Shipstation soon unless they can fix what they broke. My business is suffering every day it's like this

New Contributor

Is the auto-split feature available yet? It is the determining factor on if I stay or go as a customer.