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It would be super helpful if there was functionality to bulk auto-split shipments. Right now we have to manually split orders into separate shipments, one by one.


In splitting orders into multiple shipments, the additional shipments do not retain the original order's attributes or tags from Shopify. Is there a way to enable the split shipments maintaining the original order attributes and tags?

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I doubt if you get any favorable response from Shipstation, I know I didn't. After 6 yrs as a Shipstation customer, I was forced to change over to Ordoro which has a Clone Order function that works for me.


Customer support told me there is a Beta Program with auto split ship. Can I be added to this URGENTLY?

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Basically for a year either me or a team member manually split the orders (have a whole training video on it). Finally, one of our team members had enough and wrote some code with the shipstation API to do it automatically. Basically takes a list of SKUS that are meant for each warehouse and duplicates the orders to split them. Let me know if you want to hop on zoom and I can show you or email if you'd rather not zoom. May sell it as a service haha


We adopted Shipstation because they made representations that this was a feature of Shipstation and it was critical for us to ship one type of product from one location and another type of product from another location.
Excited we came on board and were eager to work with our "Success Specialist" 
They were responsive to maybe half a dozen meetings in the 1-2 month implementation window.
We've been on the product now for almost 5 months and have yet to ship a package due to the lack of key functionality.
Feeling duped.

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Hello All,

My name is Conrad and I'm the Director of Operations for Monarch Brands.  Has anyone heard from Ship Station regarding an update on the auto pack?  When processing 400 plus orders a day, manually packing these out is time consuming and costly. 

The word Ship is in the company name! Every EDI provider, ERP and WMS has this capability. This should not be taking this long. If anyone has helpful information, I'd love to hear about it.

Thank you,


@Manager-Erin @SuperMgr-Sarah 

Leaving the thread unanswered is how Shipstation addresses customer requests?


Shipstation plays a numbers game.
They collect gobs of revenue from the thousands of simple implementations that work and the loss of those customers who can't get (even the most straightforward) of their issues addressed is just the cost of doing business for them.
We've been testing for almost a year.  We've even given them the solutions to some of our issues and they just string you along with polite platitudes about "escalation" and "development team is looking" but none of which is true.


I have had an open case for 3 months. They keep escalating it. Whenever I call them, they escalate it. I think it is assigned to Joe Biden, the president, now.


@n_sardo_gm would you please share with me the code your team made to solve this issue ?

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It looks like this option is available under the High Volume plan.