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Is it possible to create an automation which tells shipstation to create a certain number of shipments for an order if the order is tagged in a certain way?
At the moment, we might have 300 orders that all require multi-package shipments created for them.  We need to go into each order individually to create these multi-package shipments.  This takes us a large amount of time to do this. 
We have tags and automations set up in Shipstation to tell us how many boxes will be required to pack an order.  It would be great if we could create an automation rule to tell shipstation that if an order is tagged with '10 boxes' then 10 multi-package shipments should be auto created for this order.  
Thank you.

I ran into this same issue and chatted with support about it. They said it's currently not supported, ugh.  The workaround I used was to do a batch import of one of the packages and then I went in to each order and added the second.  Thankfully it was only two packages per shipment and not 10.

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Thanks!  Yes, really hoping that it's a feature in the very near future as it will save us an enormous amount of time. Most of our shipments are multi package anywhere between 2 and 20 boxes so it would be incredibly useful to have this feature.  Fingers crossed.  

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I consistently have this issue as well. It is a gaping hole in the automation process. I wish ShipStation would support this feature.

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I have been waiting for this functionality for years! It doesn't seem as though ShipStation is in any hurry to implement it though. Why this isn't a capability I can't even begin to fathom.


We have the same problem!  We need to be set up with multiple boxes per product so that the shipping estimate is correct on our website. Otherwise the shipping price shown for the customer buying the product is for one box.  Has anyone figured out a work around? 


Same here. It really would be an extremely useful action to add. 


Agreed! We contain the product per package count in our system and would easily be able to make a control if supported in the integration! Consider a package of 10000 packs in 2500 use a formula to duplicate and create shipments 1-4 that are connected and can be shipped together instead of manually shipping them! OR be able to automatically assign a preset that would complete this action after imported?