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I'd like the feature of being able to create an automatic rule to combine orders that match certain criteria. I currently do that manually and it is a headache. My customers are students who for example order 3 products: a certificate, a book and a pin. I only want to send them 2 packages instead of 3 and therefore combine the book and the pin into 1 package. I am currently doing that manually and I have over 500 orders like that per month and I think a feature that will allow me to do that will be so useful. 

New Contributor

I'd like this feature too. Automate the combining of orders that have the same order number.


Unfortunately we will probably wait a while for this. This idea was suggested I think a decade ago, and they still haven't given much update other than, "we are looking into it"

Occasional Contributor

It would be great if you could auto combine shipments that have the same address and customer name!


Hey mediator, roll this request up to the top.  It's been years! And thousands of people are asking for it. What's the matter with you?  Auto-combine orders with the same delivery address. Not rocket science.  Yes, the customer paid shipping for both so identify the ones that could be combined, allow us to choose the parent (surviving record), void the non-surviving postage...correct your plans are configured around the number of shipments, so suck it up that people can possibly move down in ShipStation plans.  Doing this is just doing the RIGHT thing and sometimes your business model doesn't work to your advantage.  Why should thousands of people have to suffer through this at our expense??