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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Started
Hi- We often times have back orders but can ship partial shipments. Would love the ability for Shipstation to automatically split orders for us based on rules.
We desperately need this auto splitting feature!!! This would save us so much time each day! Any word on this? It appears that many users need this feature. Please let us know how this is coming along. Thanks!
New Contributor
When a single order has multiple items that are to be fulfilled by different locations, Shopify automatically splits the order. That’s wonderful! BUT it still exports to ShipStation as a single order. We are currently manually splitting these orders, and it is VERY time consuming. Orders split in Shopify need to pull in separately, OR we need an automation rule to automatically split orders that contain multiple items being fulfilled by different locations.
First-timer (legacy)
Why hasn't this happened yet??
First-timer (legacy)
We also definitely need this feature! It's essential that there be a way to create automation rules that automatically split the order into multiple packages or shipments based on things like quantity, weight, and/or shipping location.
New Contributor
This would be a great feature.
First-timer (legacy)
Need this, shocked like everyone else that rules cant be applied to do this automatically. Also, when you fix this, make sure that the box size carries over properly. There are some bad caching bugs with your interface. When a shipment is split, the new shipment row tries to select a package size based on if the item has a saved preference already (which it does). Nothing appears in the dropdown as already selected as you expected. Click the dropdown to see the options and find the one you want to pick, and lo and behold the one you want is already selected, but its ghosted because it didnt show up, so you need to click any other item, then go back and click the one you wanted at the start. The first screenshot you can see its blank, so you go to click it. Then when you click it you see what you want is already selected, and if you click that same package size you want, to confirm it, it returns again all white. So the workaround is to pick another box size, then go back and pick the correct one. This is slam my face in a wall all day long annoying.
First-timer (legacy)
Please do this!!
First-timer (legacy)
Hi. I am interested. We sell office furniture and each product always has its own package. If someone orders a desk and a chair I want to be able to split the shipment into multiple packages automatically.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes! Would love this feature!
First-timer (legacy)