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Hello, My team and I want to increase our efficiency. The best way to increase our shipping efficiency is to have an automatically populated carrier selected based on the cheapest shipping price. Currently, there are no automation rules that allow this to occur. Can this be an added feature to the automation rule? Thank you, this will be extremely beneficial for our shipping efficiencies. 


What you’re asking and what you’re trying to accomplish are already taken care of through “zones”. 

Your location and mine are different. So my research into how we accomplished a ship code specific rule set isn’t going to apply to you, but if you’re creative, it can be done. 🙃


For  best immediate results, look at USPS and ups shipping zones. 

if you want more help, PM me

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@WmmraThe shipping zone automation doesn't work for us since we use our own UPS account and the UPS from Shipstation, but the cheapest option between the two isn't always dependent on the zone. There are too many variables that make the automation useless. Trust me, I've spent hours working through the automation and it's only right about 50% of the time