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Occasional Contributor
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The new version doesn't allow return Shipping to be able to bill a third party this is a basic feature that must be implemented. The old version had this feature why was it removed from the new version??? the old version was great


one cannot do business without this feature.!!!  it seems like SS id falling behind, its not the same platform it used to be.


Hey there @TEST392


Currently you are correct, return labels cannot be billed to a third party account. But I certainly see why this would be desired! I'll get this moved into our idea section so that other wonderful community members like you can vote to potentially implement this in the future.


With that in mind, if, you are otherwise running into a behavior of return labels being charged to the wrong account upon creation, we definitely want to take a look at that example for further investigation! Please reach out to our support team with that order number example of the wrong account being charged on a return label, we absolutely want to help out! 

Occasional Contributor

the ability to bill to a third party on return labels is a basic feature, as at times our customer want us to use their account for returns ect.   all your competitors have this standard feature. worse off the previous version had this feature that's what really sucks. Previous version was gold.



Thank you for this feedback! Totally see why this would be desired!  


I know that our team is always looking into ways that we can improve as we move forward, and this will certainly be reviewed by the team.

Occasional Contributor

btw that feature was active and working in the previous version, for some reason this version went downhill shipstation removed all the basic features.


What's the hold up to fix this????  6/20/23  Come on SS


2024 this would be a nice feature as I have third party returns!