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The duplicate order number that the split ship mode creates is a big problem for our workflow. With the new layout, we lost the ability to create a suffix Ex:(Order # -1) when splitting orders. We would really like the ability to edit order numbers or add a suffix again so we do not have duplicate orders floating around.
First-timer (legacy)
in v2 version we can split orders, which is key when working with skuvault . v3 lets you split shipments, but keeps the same order number which does not work with skuvault. can we get this option on v3?
First-timer (legacy)
How will Shipstation (Verfsion 3) know how to identify the split orders from 2 different vendors with the same order number? I get an order, Order 100. The order has 2 items. One item from Vendor A and one item from Vendor B. I send PO's to Vendor A and Vendor B. They both ship and I get tracking which I bulk upload into Shipstation. How will Shipstation know how to match up the tracking with the items? In the old version (layout) of Shipstation, when I split an order the second order was given order number with a -1 after it. So Order 100 showed as Order 100 and Order 100-1. When the bulk upload of tracking was done it recognized the tracking.
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Before you had a choice to create different order numbers for split orders. Now in the new version you are forced to duplicate order numbers, this is a huge issue. Fine, ok if you want to default it to the same order number, but at least put the functionality back that already existed to change the new split order if you want to. I'll live with manually typing -1, -2, etc, but please don't make it so you can't change it and forced to duplicate order numbers. It's a big issue for workflow, it's a big issue when trying to integrate with 3PLs. Thank you,
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This community is a waste of time if no one from ShipStation bothers to reply and serious issues like this get put as No Status.  @Moderator-Davis 


Hello @GSC


Thank you for being a part of our community and for taking your time to write to us. 


I am sorry that you feel that this way. We are about to release new functionality to split ship that might address part of what you are requesting. 


You can read more about this here:


We thank you all for your patience as we continue to refine and improve transparency and communication, we know this is a work in progress and we are grateful for your understanding during this time. 



-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 

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I used suffixes as well. The new updates to split ship did not address this.  I still think many of us would benefit if this was added to future versions.