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Status: Investigating
Auto combine feature for multi orders when they have the same shipping address.
First-timer (legacy)
Thanks for all of your helpful thoughts and comments! Since our last comment below, we’ve released our native inventory management solution (and third-party inventory counts like FBA, Stitch Labs, ChannelAdvisor, and recently Shopify), automatically update return shipments as received, request a USPS pickup, and package sets for your multiple package shipments. We’re constantly running on all cylinders prioritizing, designing, and building new features from ideas and comments here in the Product Feedback forum so thank you for your patience! All of your comments are read daily and each example you add helps fuel the process of turning ideas into features. At this time, this idea is under review and if you haven’t added your thoughts yet please do! Helpful information or information not yet discussed are exactly the types of comments we’re looking for to help push this idea closer to the finish line of becoming a feature.
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This is an obvious change. I understand we can combine orders. But the problem isn't the ability to get the orders to combine, but rather is that it requires a user to filter by name and physically look for orders from the same name.There are more important things to worry about when printing labels then saving $2 on a shipment etc. It'd be simpler to just combine them for us automatically, especially if to the exact first, last name and address.
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When is this feature getting added?!?!?
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Please add this feature to save everybody time to make our life easier. I used some other software like sixbit which do have option to remind "some of the orders can be combined"when you bulk ship orders.
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I will highlight multiple shipping for the same address and suggest combine.
only if orders are verified , because there is a lot of situation that customers placing orders accidentally 2 times and you'll need to make sure that it is not double order
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I too use eBay and buyers will usually not use the cart feature and instead check out multiple separate times, resulting in lots of orders that can be combined. The in-eBay shipping feature will throw up a warning when batching orders that they match. Shipstation has alerts for this, but I will inevitably miss them if I have to rely on myself to check for them every time. This alert should be integrated into the label creation process. It would be a great value proposition that saves your customers money.
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This should be an optional option. I have never run into a customer placing duplicate orders and we process over 600 a month. The customer info and shipping address would have to match and also the shipping rate selected would have to match to have it automatically combined.
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'@Admin - any update on this?
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I would love to see orders abe to be combined! i know its possible, but does not work for woocommerce integration from what i understand. If you combine 2 orders they get merged > the problem is only one order technically gets shipped. > When our sync to the website occurs the second order stays open! If there were a way to automatically take care of BOTH orders i would be in, would save us thousands if not tens of thousands! 4000 orders on black friday alone! tons to be combined!