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Status: New

It would be cool if we could create an automation rule that allowed the combination of orders if certain criteria were met e.g recipient name and address. This would be very helpful with time spent on combining orders from customers who bought multiple items shipping to the same address and recipient name as opposed to manually combining orders.


You'll be waiting a minute. We've been requesting this capability for a long time and they seemingly keep delaying it. I'm not sure the reason why, I looked at their API structure and it seems simple enough with a relatively simple python program but it's been years since this was requested and they've mostly just said, "they'll look into it".

New Contributor

Just here to chime in on the request. 


We have a 1 day automatic hold to catch things like changes, cancelations etc. We also see customers order something, then come back before the hold expires and put in another order. If those could be automatically combined because the customer and address match, that would save a lot of extra shipping costs and/or manual combining.