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It appears 


Suddenly, out of the blue. Now when I combine shipment. Only the surviving sku/item remains.

so basically.  

ORDER A: has a teapot

ORSER B: has a toothbrush


both go same customer and address both on Amazon.

When you combine these.
You will only see one item. Depending which order you define as the surviving order.




This has got to be the biggest disappointment. 
we have customers make multiple orders all the time. Daily. And we offer free shipping. We need to combine these. But how can we if we can’t see the sku/item? 

PS. Currently when you combine order. It will not update on Amazon side and you have to manually update the tracking on Amazon. Now this was another surprise. And a bummer. I’ll deal with it. But this issue with only showing 1 sku!?! Wow, what a bummer 


PPS. I’m building software for a work around for this. Aswell as features for Amazon custom.


If interested please contact

jon (d0t) s (at) me (d0t) com


basically we will use shipstation still. Before combining shipments you will take your PDFs packing slips and processing them in our software.  To “combine them” 


then combine them on shipstation as usual. 

im doing this primarily because of custom features I need due to Amazon custom. So if you do amazon custom. Reach out for sure 



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We are having the same issue. If you combine orders, then you're going to be missing items from the combined order and only have the order information from the surviving order on the packing slip.


I wish ShipStation would fix this.